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The Everyone CAN Craft Club started with a book. The book is about how Susan and her friends started an offline craft group. They put up posters and invited people with learning disabilities to come and join them. The interesting thing was who came. It was people who they never thought would come to a craft group. People with profound learning disabilities and some physical disabilities. After it had been going for four years the government’s response to Covid led to it being illegal to continue.

A few weeks before lockdown Susan had an encounter with some of the people she thought would want to support what she wanted to do. Sadly she came away with the realisation that they wanted to take over what she was doing and change it so that it suited their way of doing things. Susan was left shocked and very hurt by the way they expected her to force what she wanted to do to fit into a format that it was never intended to have,

Until that point the fact that they had different expectations and outlooks had not been a problem. It was now a huge problem and it was obvious that the best thing for her to do was take up their suggestion of making sure that nothing she did could be connected to them. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

It took a long time for Susan to recover and even four years she can still see a slow incremental progression towards full recovery. Definitely a time of growth after severe pruning. Susan can track her progress through the different versions of the book. The ones that were impacted by the depth of her pain are not fit for publication. An interesting situation for a project that has the mission statement of crafting a healing journey for people and places.

You can buy the book on Amazon

What comes after the book?

As explained in the book the original aim of Everyone CAN Craft CIC was to replicate the original prototype. OK the aim is a little broader now as if everyone can craft then you you cannot just serve one part of the community. Many different groups can use craft groups to provide social care and other forms of support to people facing a variety of challenges. One way of doing this is to set up a library and training hub.

About the Library and Training Hub

Gathering a library of written resources is something that comes easily to someone who loves writing. On those days when Susan is struggling to do anything else writing is her go to activity. It means that she is doing something even when other things are beyond her.

News and updates

Susan looked at all sorts of ideas. She developed two or three types of activity pack. Now she knew how good they were but few people beleived her. She realised that this thing that she wanted to make fly was a movement and movements often have T-shirts and other items to spread their message. That sparked the Everyone CAN Craft shop. When you go to the shop you will find bags, T-shirts, mugs and aprons that have quirky messages about crafts especially knitting and crochet.

Some of the things from the online shop were taken to the local retail market. An amazing number of ladies told her that they used to knit or crochet but… There must be something that can be done to help them. Time to add some different things to the stall.

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