The Everyone CAN Craft Club started with a book. The book is about how Susan and her friends started an offline craft group. They put up posters and invited people with learning disabilities to come and join them. The interesting thing was who came. It was people who they never thought would come to a craft group. By the time the group collapsed when the first lockdown hit the UK it had run for four years.

It was that experience that made Susan realise that it is possible to find a craft that anyone who is breathing can participate in. Now you understand why she chose the title Everyone CAN Craft for the book.

What comes after the book?

Susan looked at all sorts of ideas. She developed two or three types of activity pack. Now she knew how good they were but few people beleived her. She realised that this thing that she wanted to make fly was a movement and movements often have T-shirts and other items to spread their message. That sparked the Everyone CAN Craft shop. When you go to the shop you will find bags, T-shirts, mugs and aprons that have quirky messages about crafts especially knitting and crochet.

Some of the things from the online shop were taken to the local retail market. An amazing number of ladies told her that they used to knit or crochet but… There must be something that can be done to help them. Time to add some different things to the stall.

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