A breezy day

It was back to Mold yesterday. It was an interesting start as the guy from the markets team came round and said you are staying today aren’t you. The weather forecast is heavy rain and winds of up to 50mph. I decided to stay.

You can see the impact of the wind on the stall. The wind is blowing that plastic table covering about a bit. There is a box in one of the baskets that are used to display the bags that are for sale. That basket had been blown off the table a time or two by then and the box weighed it down so that did not happen again. I had used some elastic to help pack some things to keep them safe but realised that this could also be used to help keep the bottom of the bags in place. I need those sandbags to stop that gazebo moving.

The weather meant fewer people ventured out so fewer potential buyers. It also meant fewer stall holders. My neighbour changed their mind when they got their gazebo out and realised that it would not cope with the wind. I did not mind as I could make it so people could see the side of my stall easily. It was the things on that side that sold well because people could see them easily.

It was strange one of the other stall holders said that it had been a battle. What? it did not feel like a battle to me. I started the day in prayer and I was able to stay calm all day.

  • I was able to set the stall up in such a way that I could not see how I could improve it. I took my time to get it right for a change.
  • I have 4 tables, 2 are six foot by 3 foot and 2 are four foot by two foot six. There are so many different ways of setting them out. They can be set up in a C a J or as I did yesterday an H shape.
  • The things that were most vulnerable to the wind were not put on the stall. I had strategies to keep the rest safe. The only damage all day was the bags that fell on the damp ground and needed cleaning up a bit when I got them home again.
  • I took my time packing and ended up saving time when I got home as everything was in its right place so did not need checking when I got home.

Yes it was windy it takes quite a gust to move that plastic table covering. The price tickets kept blowing off the fruit and veg stall and the guys on that stall also ended up chasing empty cardboard boxes. However the wind was not as bad as the forecasters suggested it would be. There was a bit of drizzle but the heavy rain did not materialise. In fact the sun came out and the paved area dried up. The was a bit of blue sky in the morning and eventually it was all blue sky.

Interesting I made a point of praying in the spirit as I was packing the car and I wondered why things fitted in much better than usual. Sometimes it can be a struggle to make it easy to see through the windows. Then I woke up at a reasonable time to finish off getting ready. It was then praying in the spirit while setting up the stall and even when I stopped to rest. It di not feel like battle as I was in my own bubble of peace.

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