Broken Pencils in Penyffordd

The old joke says why can’t you write with a broken pencil. The answer is that it is pointless. Not all broken pencils are pointless sometimes the break is such that you can still write with part of the pencil but it is much harder to do so because it is not what it used to be. The reality is that not all broken pencils are pointless. Many can still be used once they have had been helped to overcome their brokenness.

The same is true for people. Many think that they are broken or that their life is pointless. Yet the reality is that they can be helped to deal with the situation so that they become valuble members of their family and community.

Broken Pencils is for those who would like to do something to deal with their imperfections. They have taken personal responsibility for their actions. They do not indulge in accusations, blaming, criticism, denial or making excuses or what some people call the abcde.

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