Module 1PEN Why pens?
Unit 1PEN Pens are versatile
Unit 2PEN Holding a pen
Unit 3PEN Positioning the item being decorated with the pen
Unit 4PEN Other ideas
Module 2PEN What do you draw
Unit 1PEN What do you draw?
Unit 2PEN Do you use an outline?
Unit 3PEN Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
Unit 4PEN Doing your own thing?
Unit 5PEN Using other drawing aids
Module 3PEN What do you decorate?
Unit 1PEN Making marks on paper
Unit 2PEN Items made from fabric
Unit 3PEN Make other things from your artwork
Unit 4PEN Decorating solid objects
Module 4PEN What sort of pens do you use?
Unit 1PEN Fabric pens
Unit 2PEN Ceramic pens
Unit 3PEN Acrylic paint pens
Unit 4PEN Calligraphy pens
Module 5PEN Things to be aware of
Unit 1PEN Taking care of your pens
Unit 2PEN Taking care of people and their working environment
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