Module 1Making the dough
Unit 1SD Introduction
Unit 2SD The recipe
Module 2Change from the inside
Unit 1SD Food colouring
Unit 2SD Paint
Unit 3SD Using coloured salt dough
Module 3SD Shaping the dough
Unit 1SAD What have you got to hand?
Unit 2SD Adding texture
Unit 3SD Folding and cutting
Unit 4SD Cutting the dough
Unit 5SD Mould the dough
Module 4SD What do you make with the dough?
Unit 1SD Pendants
Unit 2SD Free standing decorations
Unit 3SD Christmas tree decorations
Unit 4SD Fridge magnets
Unit 5SD Salt dough is versatile and forgiving
Module 5SD Finishing the items
Unit 1SD Hardening off the dough
Unit 2SD Decorating the finished item
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