Module 1What can you do for others?
Unit 1What are your strengths?
Unit 2What are your passions?
Unit 3Who do you want to serve?
Module 2What do they need?
Unit 1Make your target so narrow that the one person you serve knows it is for them
Unit 2Knowing their needs and the benefits they are looking for leads to connections
Module 3Getting things together
Unit 1How do you serve them?
Module 4Spreading the word level 1
Unit 1Talk to people
Unit 2Start building bridges now to help you later
Module 5Your first online presence - a Facebook page
Unit 1Why set up a Facebook page
Unit 2Your page is for your target audience
Unit 3Add a banner or cover image
Unit 4Facebook options
Module 6Keeping in touch
Unit 1Stay resilient by gathering a list of contacts
Unit 2Your Email list is your back up
Unit 3What do you do with your Email list?
Module 7What do you do for your target audience?
Unit 1What do you have the ability to do?
Unit 2what they want is often not what they need
Unit 3what can you offer them
Unit 4how will they pay you
Module 8Setting up a burst of activity on Facebook
Unit 1set up FB group
Unit 2Use FB group to build community
Module 9Do not despise the day of small beginnings
Unit 1start as an apprentice and learn as you go
Unit 2Lean start up
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