Dashboard for November workshop

29th and 30th November

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Workshop reading material

Module 1IR Why is a review needed?
Unit 1IR Why do a review? 
Unit 2IR The importance of communication 
Unit 3IR What do those you are presenting the plan to want to get out of the project? 
Unit 4IR Research your readers 
Module 2IR About the project
Unit 1IR Who are the intended beneficiaries of this project? 
Unit 2IR What need does it meet? 
Unit 3IR How did you discover this need? 
Unit 4IR What level of need is there? 
Module 3IR About you
Unit 1IR Why are you a good person to start this project? 
Unit 2IR What relevant experience do you have? 
Unit 3IR What qualifications do you have, if any? 
Unit 4IR What reading or additional study have you done? 
Unit 5IR How does this fit in with your gifting and other interests? 
Unit 6IR Why this section on why you are the right person to start this project can be so hard to complete? 
Module 4IR What are others doing about this issue?
Unit 1IR Learning from others 
Unit 2IR Facing competition 
Module 5IR How are you going to let the intended beneficiaries know what is on offer?
Unit 1IR Awareness raising methods 
Unit 2IR Some general points 
Module 6IR What do you need from your working relationship?
Unit 1IR Support in kind 
Unit 2IR Monetary considerations 
Unit 3IR Organisational back up 
Module 7IR The finishing touches
Unit 1IR Ancient wisdom 
Unit 2IR Where are you going 
Unit 3IR What is next? 
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Find a Good Name

Module 1Introduction to finding a good name
Unit 1Start as you mean to go on 
Unit 2Initial ideas 
Unit 3Where do you start? 
Unit 4Action steps – getting the basics right 
Module 2Collecting ideas
Unit 1Collecting ideas 
Unit 2Action steps – Collecting ideas 
Unit 3Book research 
Unit 4Action steps – book research 
Unit 5Keyword research 
Unit 6Action steps – collecting keywords 
Unit 7Just a name or something more? 
Unit 8Action steps – Something more than a name 
Unit 9The side effects of online research 
Unit 10Action steps – online research 
Module 3Using the ideas you have collected
Unit 1Using the ideas you have collected 
Unit 2Action steps – Using the ideas that you already have 
Unit 3How do you want to be seen? 
Unit 4Action steps – How do you want to be seen? 
Unit 5Associating your name with places or boundaries 
Unit 6Action steps - Places and boundaries 
Unit 7Using the names of real people 
Unit 8Action steps – Real names 
Unit 9Other associations to think about 
Unit 10Action steps – Other associations 
Unit 11Match your name with a good domain name 
Unit 12Action steps – Finding a good domain name 
Unit 13Tips on choosing a good domain name 
Unit 14Action steps – More on domain names 
Unit 15Don’t forget social media 
Unit 16Action steps – Social media 
Module 4Testing your ideas
Unit 1Checking your new name 
Unit 2Action steps - Check your new name in all its different forms 
Unit 3Check it is unique 
Unit 4Action steps – Check it is unique 
Unit 5Check your new name is easy to use 
Unit 6Action steps – Check it is easy to use 
Unit 7Check your new name with different people 
Unit 8Action steps - Check your new name with different people 
Unit 9Is it the best name? 
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