My test video advert

What a carry on! I could not find a phone holder to add to a tripod. It had disappeared into the ether somewhere. I found a clip on light for the phone to counter the glare of the overhead lights. I would not normally try doing a video when it is dark outside but needs must at times.

I tried a bag and realised that I had two choices. I could see what was being recorded and the text one the bag appear as a mirror image or read the text on the bag and not see what I was recording. Neither of them were good options.

Lets try a mug. I put it on the navy bag I had tried filming and propped it up so that it would be seen. Ordinarily this time on a Friday night they would be in the car waiting to go to Mold market in the morning. But I am in isolation until Monday so no market for me this week.

This is what I came up with.

It also served another purpose I had not tried with method of putting videos on my website. I suspected it would work but had never tried it.

I opened up Cloudberry, I got their free version years ago and linked it to Amazon s3. I found the Cloudberry could not see my phone so had to put the video onto the computer. Once in the S3 bucket I changed the settings so everyone could view it and copied the URL for the video.

I opened a video block in WordPress and pasted the URL in. It worked. The video showed up on this page. The only thing I need to check now is the security aspect if I want to use this method for adding videos to a course. I suspect I will need to use a different plug in for that but at least I know I can make something work

Follow on tasks

  • Improve the script – that was off the top of my head and not thought through very well
  • Redo the video in natural light which I suspect would mean less glare on the mug
  • Come up with ideas from the various products I have at home from the website mainly mugs and bags
  • Make a video that can be sued as video view ad

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