The book

Yes Everyone CAN Craft is also a book. It started life as Susan tried to make sense of her experience of life in three small churches in the same non-conformist denomination. She left one because she did not want to get them embroiled in the aftermath of her divorce. She left the second one so that she could move nearer her parents.

It was in the third one that she helped to found the most amazing craft group that she had ever heard of. So amazing that looking back it was a miracle that it ever got going and ran for four years. It collapsed due to Covid. As she was writing the story of how that craft group got off the ground she started thinking about what she would tell the Susan of a few decades earlier about the importance of starting something like that craft group.

She saw different kinds of fear and a variety of obstacles that stopped people from stepping out and starting various activities to connect with the community on the outside. She also heard the laughter and chatter in the church when they ran the offline craft group and the silence in the other churches.

The scary thing was that she had had a revelation that in 19th century Britain the church struggled to serve the community and retreated from the community which had led to it losing the respect of the community. That had become the spark for another book she had written called The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps. She realised that the church had a much larger role in providing for the needs of the community than it was fulfilling in the first 20 years of the 21st century.

The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps explains the why behind the idea of getting involved in the community. Everyone CAN Craft is the story of how a craft group has a role to play in developing that kind of community involvement.

Since lockdown that idea has grown and Everyone CAN Craft CIC is the result.

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