The club that comes after the book

The Everyone CAN Craft book is the story of how Susan and her friends managed to set up a craft group for people with profound learning disabilities. People who you would never that thought would come to a craft group. Yes that is the reason for the name Everyone CAN Craft because we figured if we could find craft activities for these people then we could find something that everyone can participate in.

The book ends on a cliffhanger because it is uncertain what comes next. The original offline club collapsed when Covid prompted the first lockdown. Susan had struggled with the approach taken by the newly appointed minister. He really did not understand what she wanted to do and why and told her to do something that made complete sense from his perspective. From her perspective what she was told to do went against everything she believed in and would destroy what she saw as her life’s work. Susan was upset but she had been given an alternative. It was a lot of work but she could do it. Lockdown gave her the chance to put that plan into action.

It has been quite a journey since then. She tried one thing after another as ideas for what to do next were tried out. Something worked better than others. One day she found a competition that if she won she could get loads of help to bring one of her ideas into reality. The only thing she had to do to enter the competition was set up a social enterprise. Well she was part of a team that had just done that so that was easy enough

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